Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I didn't get that post up last week. Nothing big of course, I was on vacation!! I'm still kind of bummed. I even had a photo for it and a blog written. No internet connection!

I thought I would share something that means the world to me. My family has camped at the same campground for 46 years. 46 years!! This year, my trip had an altogether different feeling. I'm pretty sure that I am saying goodbye to my family vacation as I know it. Tiff and I are moving to Baltimore, MD this winter and I'm not sure when we will make it back. First time I have mentioned that on my blog. I was always going to write a post about it some other time, but I don't think I can convey what this place means to me without mentioning it.

My grandparents are getting older, and East Seeley Bay Campground is really their place, they just share it with us. I'm still amazed that they get up there every year! Now they are 89 years old and still camping for 10 days straight. Frankly all the rest of the family does all week is try and keep them from over working themselves.

When I look back, I think 50% of all the family memories that I have occurred at this campground. I know there are millions of memories and feelings that I have that I'm not accounting for, but 50% of all the memories that REALLY mean something to me happened here. To be honest, a lot of the memories that I planned on having with my kids; hanging out by a campfire, teaching them to fish, spending time with their family, they were all going to happen here. I look forward to the passage of one more year and seeing how that year has changed my family when we come back to our place. I have photographs of me from EVERY year of my life, minus one or two since I have become an adult. Stupid school and jobs! That's what I envisioned for my children too. The amazing thing about looking through those photographs is that although the we have changed, our traditions haven't. This is the one place in my world where everything isn't moving so fast. I can take the time to reflect and appreciate everything that life has to offer.

I've always known that a good portion of my heart resided there. I think the rest of my family would agree that there is a portion of theirs there also. But as I pulled away last Saturday, I actually felt like I was leaving it behind and I guess I am just not ready to do that.

If you happen to be driving down the avenue of pines in Chippewa National Forest in early August next year and you see a sign that says Eagle's Nest Lodge. Take that road and drive down it for about 4 miles. On your left, is my little campground, drive down to campsite number 12 and say hello to the Rossiter clan. I'll be there also, just not physically.

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Unknown said...

This made me happy to read. All tingly and stuff. I miss the traditions of my youth and desperately have tried to make some for my kids. It touches my heart that you feel this way. You are truly blessed.