Monday, June 21, 2010

Inspired By...

Last week we had some insane weather! One thing I think most everyone in the Midwest loves (and hates), is thunderstorms. There is nothing on this Earth that inspires me more than when a huge bank of clouds rolling across the plains. You can see them coming for miles and miles. Watching the clouds and the light change with every passing second. They are never the same.

Last Thursday, we had 16 tornadoes go through the state of Minnesota. Luckily, none by me. My mom was at our apartment and we were watching a movie around sunset when the storms came in. It made for some spectacular color! I couldn't go out, which I BADLY wanted to do! So instead, I pulled the screens and windows from our second story windows and photographed from there while Tiff and Mom kept watching the movie.

The last photo, was the following evening. Seriously, how could I not pull over and take that shot?? Thank you June in Minnesota because I love thunderstorms!