Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day!

Not what you were expecting? Me either! I had planned on wowing everyone with some spectacular explosions, fantastic colors, and some dramatic landscape. Instead, when I looked out my window, I got this. Not to say it isn't beautiful, just not what I was expecting. I love the rain, just not today...

There is something about July 4th that gets me so excited. Probably the smell of the fireworks. It instantly reminds me of childhood. It brings back all those feelings I used to have every year excitement, naughtiness, and freedom.

As a child, freedom meant exactly what it sounds like. For this one day a year, I was free from normal parental constraints. On July 4th, I could REPEAT an act of questionable legality and uncertain safety over and over. How cool is that for a kid??? Don't get me wrong, my parents were watching me like a hawk the whole time! They just didn't make me feel it as much.

Today, I think I understand the word so much better. I have never in my life been forced to follow some one's beliefs without first being able to examine my own. I am allowed to pursue a career that is largely inspired by the arts without being filtered. I am allowed to say whatever I think needs to be said. I've never lived anywhere where these fundamental thoughts are not allowed so, for now, I can't imagine being without them and for that I am thankful.

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